Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Need Motivation

I Need motivation because :
  1. Skipped class aka making my own free time aka ponteng
  2. Have lots of assignment but just doing nothing like having no assignment at all
  3. Watching korean series everytime having free time
  4. Window online shopping but end up buying things - but always thinking that i need the things so it was not a waste of money..really? yup. i think so
  5. x de semangat nak p kelas...
  6. Always think that i'm pasif n not active
  7. lack of good spirit
  8. I am lazy
  9. I am boring
  10. Lack of everything...
  11. i am feeling so down...


YaMie said...

I need motivation to stop on9 shoping =)=)

KePOchi LaTTe said...

me tooo..hehehe