Sunday, November 22, 2009

Me --> Life + Experiences

Life isn't always easy as we thought... We are facing a lots of risk without us notice...but that's life... Life without problems will be so dull...but life with lots of things to deal with will be hard but then they give us experiences that cannot be switch with anything else...That is the positive thinking about life... Whatever it takes, we will still have to get on with it..the beautiful side is we get to have memories that will give us things to be remembered n along the way we will learnt of what to do n deal in a lots of situation that maybe we dont ever dream of to be involved...
For me..i like to go through a lots of new things...Trying new things really make me feel a different excitement n will felt like i'm in the middle of learning something n that make me feel more confident about myself... Me myself is a different person than the old me back there before...experienced although were not much but really give big impact to my self-confident n my personality n i always remind myself to see things in positive way so that i dont feel that depressed if i am failed in doing things..really likes myself today..

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