Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Happy But Sad

I am happy coz today is my 25th birthday n I am still young. I even feel more younger each year..hehehe
But feel so so so sad becoz my beloved cat, Pipo, died last night at 10pm..
Feel so shocked with the news from my mother this evening...
but it is for good...i rather see him go than see him sick..
really love him n will remain in my heart forever..
The most spotting cat, slumber n good boy ever..
I already missing him..hope i will have more strength to face this...
May him rest in peace..Amin.


YaMie said...

Pipo mati ke huhuhu dh xda dh kucing yg mengada kat umah ko hehehe

KePOchi LaTTe said...

huhu aku sedih sb tu hero aku paling best