Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mati Kutu

Its not that my hair is not clean...
its not that i have running out shampoo...
its not that i 'ternak kutu'
it is because the most important thing for my daily life is broken...
am i that bad luck...everytime i have one, it will not last long...
i fill like to cry...
i lost track again as i lost contact to everyone accept people around me at this moment..
My F305 is broken..

Sad because it iis a gift from my belove one..
Sad because i am missing him already as i am far away from him n we could not even sent a single sms anymore..
angry because this is the second time it happen...the same problem happened last year to my old handphone..also a Flip flop Sony Ericsson..
My suggestion, avoid buying slide or flip flop coz the ribbon connect it can easily damaged if u r the type that like to sms than calling2 type.

I am going to buy a new one..first choice is motorola..but only if it is not the flip flop type as we all know almost all motorola type is flip flop.
2nd choice is :

Nokia Supernova 7210..

But then i have to check out whether my money i enough or not as i am a poor student...huhuhu
I pray to god may all this become easier to me..Amin....

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