Friday, October 16, 2009



Aku kini mampu tersenyum..

Assignment of 30 Powerpoint Slides - Hasil kerja edit aku

hahaha really happy coz my team work hard sudah terbalas.. We manage to get 30 over 35 marks for our latest assignment... it did made me feel relief a lot coz the lecturer is so straight...most of my classmate have to do another individual assignment due to lambat is a 50 pages assignment title informal sector in the world..the scope isnt in Malaysia but he demand for in the world..can u imagine...from his info, the only book that relate to this assignment is in his hand so he advised them to find in other universiti libraries or any library in Malaysia or even in Perpustakaan Negara... Serve them rite coz my lecturer already stated the deadline but they didnt take note about it..even if the lecturer is good to us...never take advantage of is a wrong we all already knows...we do have to fight for our own gred..whether to get As or not it is all depends on our effort.. I believe in that..

My effort to get As..(hopefully)

Semalam sempat search for last2 semester exam paper...but didnt manage to find all that i need..but its ok...just prays that i will do good in the coming exam...

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