Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kalau Tak Balik Boleh x..???

3hb or 2hb ni dah terpaksa balik ke uum..the new semester is going to start on 4th july..actually it will start on 5th july for academic session..we have ko-k on the 4th.. i'm thinking of escape during the date..hahahaha...crazy thoughts kept running in my precious mind...actually for the 1st week of the semester is the add drop week for the students to rearrange their timetable so no attendants will be taken until the end of the add drop week..most of the seniors always come back from hometown after the add drop week...biasalah..da otai..there r advantages n disadvantages of coming late:


  1. boleh enjoy lagi n jalan2 for 1 whole week
  2. bersuka ria sambil tunggu loan masuk
  3. no need to wait for the lecturer bcoz some of the lecturer refuse to attend class due to the add drop week bcoz the list of students may have change and there is no point to start calss especially for big class which content up to 200 students...
  4. can safe the bus point..sume kedekut sebab bus point da je naik starting last semster..
  5. more time to be ready to face all the assignment for the semester...hahaha

Disadvantages :

  1. have to stick to the timetable that have been made earlier
  2. No change can be made after finding you have attend a killer lecturer's class..huhu lucky student..
  3. miss the first lecture..some lecturer may start their class eventhough it is still in add drop week..(skima kot)hehehe
  4. miss the assignment briefing. Lecturer may give assignment during the add drop week.

I thinks thats all for the time being..i prefer to come earlier n still can enjoy before the class start..huhuhu but after a long break nearly 2 months..i dont have appetite to do so....hehehehe

My notice board..crowded but i like plus love love love

Waa le meja ku yg banyak berjasa...keadaan ini berlaku right before study week..struggling to finish up all the assignments given..huhuhu banyaknya buku aku...xboleh nak kemas sebab assignment tak siap lagi..if not have to dig for the books again when needed...student pembangunan so buku pun membangun jugak ek...? huhuhhu


YaMie said...

dulu aku suke kaler pink ko sket punye bsg...skrg ape cite hehehhe

na_ema said...

wei cepat balik.boleh mskkn utk aku hahahaha

aswa said...

hahaha yamie jeles la tu...mmg mata aku ni asyik pandang pink je..huhuhu...

Nanti kita praktis masak sesama yek ema...masak kt kedai pun ok jugak...hehehe