Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Life can be so hard when you dont have support from everybody that u love...life will be miserable when you dont feel the love from someone you give all your love to...life isnt that beautiful when u spent your time alone without your love one beside you..life will be so lonely when u see a couple pass by in front of u smilling at each other romanticly while u just sit alone by yourself...love...love...love... everybody need love at least one..the more loves u have the more happier u become... shape your heart into love shape but dont ever shape it wrongly coz it will turn u into a dull, sad and heartless person..

p/s : I need your love...huhuhu


Kami Si Kaki Ronggeng said...

amboi ko ni semenjak 2 menjak ni jiwang aje ye ehehehhehe

aswa said...

huhuhu hati tengah lara...i need love..